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Here at Los Leones Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on our high quality and effective physical therapy services in order to provide you with the best health care available. In order to start your care we have provided the many ways that we can bring our treatments to you. Below you will find several services and their base costs. Most of these services can be bundled and packaged depending on your needs.

I would like to highlight our training packages. This is something unique to Los Leones Physical Therapy as our system for the development of these programs cannot be found anywhere else. It is a precise and effective system that targets your body's individualism, your goals, and your current level of fitness. So if you are a competitive athlete, mild exerciser, or someone who has not been active for years due to pain...


  • Physical Therapy Sessions

    These hour long sessions are completely private and provide all physical therapy services needed.

    Single Sessions start at $165 each and discounts when purchasing multiples.

  • Training Packages

    These programs can be tailored to your goals and personal needs. This is our primary product and most valuable tool to returning you to health. These start at $180 and can be packaged with PT sessions.

  • Virtual Consultation

    Connect from anywhere for on-the-go and out-of-town clients in order to get the answers you need to your health needs. Pricing starts at $75 and discounts with packages.

  • Professional Opportunities

    For workshops, speaking engagements, business consultation, or other business opportunities Email me at:

Inquire here for more information.

Leave me some information about what you are looking to accomplish and we can find the best service/package for you.

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