Bring doctoral expertise to your life to start working on improving those facets of behavior and movement most other professionals would glance over. Take the dive into your mechanics and motor habits in order to prolong your training, improve your performance, and keep your body healthy throughout the life cycle.



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Dr. Leo Valenzuela PT,DPT

Break The Cycle of Training And Injury

Learn to Move With Strength, Efficiency, And Longevity

services provided:

Therapeutic Exercises

Soft tissue and joint Mobilizations

Movement analysis

Sports performance

INjury prevention


The Three Step Process:

Step 1 - Let's Meet!
Tell me: Why you are here, Who you are, What's the problem, Where you want to be, and When we you need to get there. 
Step 2 - Let's Plan!
Let's use an in-depth evaluation process to create a road map to getting you to your goals. Healthy and Strong.
Step 3 - Let's Work!
... As a TEAM to get you to your goals in an efficient, sustainable and powerful way. Promoting longevity and avoiding re-injury.



Dr. Leo Valenzuela PT, DPT

After years of hard work and strenuous studying, I began practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012. My extensive medical knowledge combined with an ongoing curiosity to learn about the latest trends in sport, exercise, and rehab have fueled a successful career in treating patients and athletes with goals to not only return to function but also excel in competition throughout the life cycle.

Being raised as a soccer player and spending my fair share of time in the training room as a patient has led me to hang up the cleats and strap on the running shoes. Now my rigorous training regimen has prepared me to run marathon and ultra-marathon distances throughout the year on the road, trail, and obstacle course series.

I take this passion and dedication for pushing my body's limits and apply it to my practice. Working just as hard for your health and longevity to assure that you reach your body's full potential in a safe and healthy manner.


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